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2009/2010 Awards Summary

 Officer of the Month 

These awards are being presented  to officers of the Brockport Police Department who have been recommended for a specific month where an outstanding level of police work has been performed.

During the month of September 2007, Officer Brian Wining responded to 127 calls for service and made a total of 58 arrests that included 2 felonies, 6 misdemeanors and 50 violations a DWI crash arrest as well as the apprehension and arrest of two predicate felons. 

During the month of September 2007, Officer Lucas VanDervort, responded to 259 calls for service, made 57 arrests, two of which were DWI arrests.  Officer VanDervort also accrued approximately 18 hours of directed bike patrol patrolling neighborhoods and high crime areas. 

During the month of September 2009, Officer Kelly McCracken responded to 202 calls for service took 17 reports and made 58 arrests.  Additionally she issued 23 parking tickets.  Off. McCracken also headed up a stabbing investigation that occurred on State St. and resulted in arrests of those responsible for the assault. 

During the month of May 2010 Officer Cranston responded to 231 calls for service, took 17 reports and made 28 arrests.  Additionally he wrote 59 parking tickets.  Off. Cranston assisted with two major investigations one of which was a strong arm robbery that resulted in an arrest of a suspect. 

Commendation Award

This award is being presented to an officer who has distinguished himself by performing in a manner substantially beyond normal expectations in similar circumstances or who performs an extraordinary credible and unusual police accomplishment.

On February 14 2009, at about 5:12 a.m. Officer Stephen Mesiti was met at the front door of the police department by a woman who had been shot several times and obviously very hysterical.  Officer Mesiti immediately began to render first aid and calmed the woman down so he could obtain information that she was frantically attempting to communicate to him.  While doing all this he notified the ECD dispatcher of what had happened and made sure that the victim was being further cared for by Off. McCracken.  He then responded to Lakeside Hospital parking lot where he observed two people who had been fatally shot.  Not knowing if the shooter was still in the area he maintained control of his emotions and performed his job without hesitation, reservation or consideration for his own safety.  After you confirmed that both victims were in fact deceased you then secured the crime scene preserving the evidence that was left from the shooter while maintaining radio contact with the dispatcher and even answering a telephone call from me who was out of town at the time.  Once additional officers arrived from our department, SUNY Brockport Police Department, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the Ogden Police Department  you then assisted at the command post while taking responsibility for the investigation.  Throughout the next two weeks you worked day and night with investigators of the Monroe County Major Crimes Unit.  As usual, you represented the Brockport Police Department as the consummate professional you are.  While you certainly couldn’t do anything to prevent what occurred on that date and time you did do what you could do and ensured the person responsible for these heinous crimes was arrested and convicted of his actions.      

Excellent Police Service Award

This award is being presented  to an officer of the Brockport Police Department who by continued intelligent and valuable service demonstrating special faithfulness or perseverance over a period of time has distinguished himself by actions which are beyond those required by his position, which result in a significant  contribution towards the improvement of the Brockport Police Dept. or its members. 

During this Officer’s career, and more specifically over the last two years, Officer Paul Wheat has been a steadfast and consistent example of excellence in policing.  Off. Wheat takes enormous pride in his work and constantly strives to not only meet but exceed the goals and objectives of the department and platoon.  Off  Wheat is a trainer, leader and invaluable member of the first platoon.  Off Wheat frequently finds himself the officer in charge and performs admirably, mentoring his fellow officers towards achieving excellence.  On October 2, 2008 Off. Wheat attempted to stop a vehicle for traffic violations.  The vehicle failed to stop and while attempting to elude Officer Wheat and other officers he rammed into Off Steve Mesiti’s patrol car.  Following these actions the suspect then led both Officer Wheat and Officer Mesiti on a pursuit south on Rt. 19.  The suspect eventually ran off the road into a field where Off. Wheat attempted to take the male suspect into custody.  The suspect immediately advanced on and engaged Officer Wheat while he attempted to use his TASAR weapon to incapacitate the suspect.  As the suspect fought with Officer Wheat he grabbed and twisted the TASER in such a way that caused a compound fracture to Officer Wheat's right index finger.  For those of you who don’t know a compound fracture occurs when a bone is broken and then protrudes from the skin. Off Wheat, in the finest tradition of policing, ignored his injury and continued his efforts to control the suspect until Off. Mesiti arrived to assist moments later.  Initially Officer Wheat was told that he most likely wouldn’t be able to shoot effectively after breaking his “trigger finger” and may not be able to return to work in the future.  After surgery and months of rehabilitation, Off  Wheat returned to work where he continues to perform his duties without complaint and with the highest traditions of Law Enforcement.

Life Saving Award

Presented to a member of the Brockport Police Department who in the performance of their duty, renders medical first aid of a distinguished or unusually credible nature to a person who's life is in immediate jeopardy, and does so in a manner that most certainly sustained the person and enabled such person to be delivered alive to a medical facility.

On January 21st, 2009 Officer Stephen Mesiti was called to the area of 15 Erie St. for an assault in progress.  Once there, Off. Mesiti located a male who was bleeding profusely from a gash to his upper right arm.  It was later found that the male had put his arm through a plate glass window lacerating his brachial artery. Recognizing that the male was in jeopardy of bleeding to death, Off. Mesiti immediately contained the male who was highly intoxicated and uncooperative.  Off. Mesiti applied a tourniquet using a belt he had obtained from a bystander and was able to slow the flow of blood from the mans arm.  Despite his efforts to save the mans life, the male continued to struggle at one point forcing Off. Mesiti to literally lie on top of the male while still maintaining pressure on the wound to control the bleeding.  Once EMS arrived Off. Mesiti continued to assist with the injured person until he was safely transported to a medical facility.  Confirmation by the Strong Memorial ED Physician commenting to EMS that the quick actions by the police saved this mans life.

Life Saving Award

On November, 10th 2009 Officer Lucas VanDervort responded to a residence for the report of a 19yr old male unconscious and not breathing.  Off VanDervort’s quick response put him on scene within a minute of the call.  The victim was located lying on the floor in the living room medically deceased.  Off. VanDervort immediately began CPR and with the assistance of the Fire Chief, used the AED to defibrillate the Victim several times.  Off. VanDervort continued life saving procedures until EMS arrived with advanced care.  Off VanDervort, who is also a paramedic assisted EMS by intibating the victim so rescue breathing could be performed.  Ultimately the victim was transported to Lakeside Hospital with a pulse and is alive today.  Off VanDervort has also been recognized by Senator Jim Alesi who presented him with the JOANNA Award in recognition of his life saving work.

Community Service Award

The Community Service Award may be presented to any employee of the Brockport Police Department who has shown a commitment to the welfare of the community beyond the normal call of duty.  Such commitment can be demonstrated in a single act or in a series of acts that focus on advancing the quality of life of village residents.  These acts may range from exceptional job related community interaction, to volunteer or community service work during the employee's own time.       

 Officer Brian Winant during the past year accomplished the following:

            * Supported the Pro-Brockport Group and enhanced police/community relationships throughout a very trying time.

            * Created and distributed the Fastest Response Time Bumper stickers in a means to educate the public regarding the value of local policing.

            * Lead contract negotiations and made concessions that benefited the community

            * Attends Village Board Meetings then distributes information to advert “rumors” and/or misunderstandings.

            * Coordinated the creation and installation of the “Home Town Hero Banner” program.

            * Coordinated the collection of food for the Brockport Food Shelf

            * Coordinated the Blood Drive in Honor of Sweden deceased Judge William Cody

            * Coordinated the raising of money in the form of a raffle so future community events can be sponsored.

I don’t believe anyone is more deserving of this award than Officer Brian Winant.

Excellent Police Service Award                    

These awards are being presented  to officers of the Brockport Police Department who by continued intelligent and valuable service demonstrating special faithfulness or perseverance over a period of time have distinguished themselves by actions which are beyond those required by their position, which result in a significant contribution towards the improvement of the Brockport Police Dept. or its members.

Sgt. Adam Mesiti,

 Is presently the 3rd platoon supervisor.  He chairs both the awards committee and the hiring committee.  Years ago he developed our new patch that we proudly wear on our uniforms, he coordinates special investigations, oversees the property clerk’s office, and is the in house expert for authoring search warrants.  Furthermore he was tasked by me to establish incident command posts and supervise both the Brock the Port events that were held in the village. He answers calls for service and makes arrests as necessary. He also assisted Lt. Cuzzupoli in the command post during the Garcia Homicide investigation.  Sgt. Mesiti’s loyalty, ability to deal with subordinates and commitment to the position of police sergeant is commendable.  As such he is awarded the Excellent Police Service Award. 

 Sgt. Mark Philippy,

 Is presently the 3rd platoon supervisor.  Sgt. Philippy writes and manages the majority of grants for the Brockport Police Department.  He is our senior training instructor, and firearms instructor.  He oversees all training, created our sex offender notification program and continues to coordinate all aspects of the program, he supervises the STOP DWI and other traffic enforcement programs. He answers calls for service and makes arrests as necessary.  He is also our Safety and Health Coordinator and is our resident IT expert. Sgt. Philippy’s attention to detail, ability to create and/or manage programs with little or no guidance from me and commitment to the position of Police Sergeant is commendable.  As such he is awarded the Excellent Police Service Award.

 Lt. Mark Cuzzupoli,

 Loyalty, intelligence, commitment, and integrity are just a few words that come to my mind when I think of the next recipient and in fact are some words that summarize the last three years of Lt. Mark Cuzzupoli’s career with the Brockport Police Department.  Upon the retirement of Administrative Sergeant Douglas Ziegler, Sergeant Mark Cuzzupoli was assigned to the 2nd platoon and entrusted with the duties of Administrative Sergeant.  The first assignment for Sgt. Cuzzupoli was to begin the re-accreditation process of the Brockport Police Department.  In order to move this process forward all General Orders had to be reviewed and many orders updated and rewritten.  Throughout the next two years former Sergeant Cuzzupoli managed the accreditation process making sure that the Brockport Police Department and its Officers met the high standards and fulfilled all of the requirements set forth by NYS.  In October of 2009, the Brockport Police Department once again passed this rigorous test and remains a State Accredited Agency.

Lt. Cuzzupoli is presently the 2nd platoon supervisor.  He also answers calls for service and makes arrests as well as being my right hand man.  Furthermore Lt. Cuzzupoli oversees fleet maintenance, warrants, is the ECD Liaison, coordinates SPARTAC efforts, is in charge of special events and also completes the monthly scheduling.  As if this isn’t enough Lt. Cuzzupoli without question, hesitation or guidance assumes my duties and responsibilities when I’m away and does so with the utmost professionalism.  

On February 11, 2009 I left to go out of town, and as usual I left former Sgt. Cuzzupoli in charge.  On February 14, 2009 at 5:12 a.m. I was contacted by ECD and informed of a triple shooting with two people dead in our jurisdiction.  I immediately contacted Sgt. Cuzzupoli as he was on his way in to handle an incident that would have rattled even the most experienced command officer.  Sgt. Cuzzupoli updated me on what limited information he had while keeping a calm and professional demeanor.  Over the next 12 hours the sergeant worked in conjunction with the Monroe and Ontario County Sheriffs Departments and other law enforcement agencies.  While doing so he handled tactical and investigative issues, coordinated activities within the command post, conducted three separate media conferences and continued to keep me apprised of the situation on a minute by minute basis.  By mid afternoon the suspect had been captured and was eventually convicted of multiple murder charges. Lt. Cuzzupoli’s accomplishments that day clearly represented the Village of Brockport and The Police Department with the highest degree of professionalism.

I can’t think of a more deserving person than Lt. Cuzzupoli to be a recipient of such a distinguished award.


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