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Brockport, NY 14420
Within Monroe County - 911

 Outside Monroe County - 585-637-1020 ext.8 / Records 585-637-1020
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Hyper-Reach Program – If you are a resident of Monroe County, you are already enrolled in a program that could save the lives of you and your family.  Hyper-Reach is designed to allow emergency management professionals from the Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services, as well as Monroe County Department of Public Safety, to contact you by telephone in the event of a civil emergency.  An automated phone message would be directed to each phone in a specified area notifying residents of impending or active emergency conditions, disasters, or health warnings.

These messages could include information about AMBER Alerts, law enforcement notifications regarding dangerous or life-threatening conditions, or hazardous materials incidents.  Some may even require some form of response from the person answering the phone to ensure the message was received, or to verify a home was occupied or vacant in the case of evacuation.

WHAT IF I don’t have a hard-wired, land-based telephone?  If you have a Voice-Over I.P. (Internet) phone, or use a cellular phone exclusively, you can still benefit from this service.  Click on the hyperlink below to enroll in Hyper-Reach, and your number will be added to the database.   

REMEMBER – only Emergency Services agencies will have use and access to your number, and use of this system.  Hyper-Reach can only be activated in the event of an emergency by specified personnel in the public safety community.  Hyper-Reach will never sell or distribute your phone number or personally identifying information to third-party vendors.


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