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In order to make an inquiry of registered sex offenders in the Brockport, NY area please enter the following information, which will be maintained by the Brockport Police Department*.

Note: this is your name and address, not the registered sex offenders name. 

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Due to recent changes in New York State Corrections Law, more information regarding Level 2 and 3 Sex Offenders may be available to the public through the Division of Criminal Justice Services web site than law enforcement agencies are allowed to disclose.  Information posted on the Brockport Police Department web site is the only information permitted by law for police agencies to disseminate.

To access the DCJS Sex Offender Sub-Directory, click here.

*This identifying information is maintained pursuant to law and is confidential and not subject to disclosure to the public by this agency. The information is collected to identify any pattern or practice of misuse of sex offender registration information such as the commission of a criminal act against a registered sex offender or any attempt to falsely portray an individual as a sex offender. Using and sharing sex offender information responsibly to ensure the safety of yourself, your family and your community is not a practice or pattern of misuse.

The Sex Offender Registration Act requires the Division of Criminal Justice Services to maintain a Sex Offender Registry. The Registry contains information on sex offenders classified according to their risk of re-offending: low-risk (Level 1), moderate-risk (Level 2) and high-risk (Level 3). The Act requires that the Division also maintain a Subdirectory which includes Level 2 and Level 3 offenders. This site provides public access to information from this registry as it relates to the local Brockport community.  (For the entire Sex Offender Registry, please go to the Division of Criminal Justice Services site).

The Brockport Police Department collects information about registered sex offenders from the registration agency, which may be a court, a State or local correctional facility or a probation or parole agency, or from the sex offender directly. Although the Department attempts to include only accurate and complete information in the Subdirectory, the Department does not independently verify registration information.

The Department updates this information regularly to try to assure that it is complete and accurate. However, this information can change frequently. Users are cautioned that the information provided on this site is information of record that is reported to the Department and may not reflect the current residence, status, or other information regarding an offender. The Department makes no express or implied guarantee concerning the accuracy of this data.

The Subdirectory contains identifying information and information about the sex offense for which the sex offender is registered. It does not reflect the entire criminal history of a listed sex offender.

The main purpose of providing this data on the Internet is to make the information more easily available and accessible, not to warn about any specific individual. Users are cautioned that positive identification of an individual cannot be conclusively established by comparing name, date of birth, social security number or other information with that provided in these listings. Comparisons based on appearance may also be misleading, and cannot establish a positive identification without some possibility of error.

Anyone who uses this information to injure, harass, or commit a criminal act against any person may be subject to criminal prosecution.

** *** **

If you believe that any of the information found in these records is in error, please contact the Brockport Police Department, 585-637-1020, or by E-mail. It will not be possible to provide an individual response in every case. However, if you give information about a sex offender it will be reviewed and processed in accordance with Department policies. If you offer your opinion on the issue of sex offender registration, it will be read and considered.


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